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Our Mission

Built To Be Visible serves clients in the Phoenix Metro and East Valley areas, as well as the Greater Richmond, VA region.  Travel to other areas is available as well.

We specialize in functional organizing for home and business and work with clients to create individualized organizing systems. We will create a plan that includes decluttering, organizing, and addressing the issues that have prevented you from becoming organized earlier.

Let us help you turn chaos into peace. 

How to Transform Your Space to look like it's from Pinterest

Your Future

Do you ever wish your Home Office, Bedroom Closet, Kitchen Pantry or even your Garage could look like something from Pinterest?

You know you’ve seen those images from magazines, websites, and social media and yet you have no idea where to start to put it all together.


And even if you did know, it feels too hard to pull off.

Now imagine someone who has an eye for symmetry and function and can move through your space like magic--bringing it to life and creating a system that makes

sense for you and how you live.

That's just a little of what BTBV can do for you.

We help you have peace and harmony in your surroundings by turning chaotic spaces

into peaceful places.

To receive a FREE Cost Estimate, all you need to send is a few pictures and a description and we can begin the process.


Hi Y'all!

I'm Emily Guderian.

I’ve been calling Arizona home for over 25 years now, but I was born and raised in Virginia and love my Southern heritage and traditions. I married my college sweetheart three decades ago and together, we raised three wonderful daughters. 

I began my work as an organizer at age 9, cleaning out my closet and constantly rearranging the furniture in my bedroom, (sorry, Mom). In adulthood, I fully embraced my nerd tendencies and combined them with my eye for symmetry and systems and my natural talent for sorting. 


My inner voice pushed me toward starting a business and I’m so glad I listened. I love this work! And I especially love watching clients light up when they see their physical space has order and purpose

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Reach Out For Inner and Outer Peace

Gilbert, Arizona

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